Hello Capetown!

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Hello Capetown!

Photo of the Organic CANDALA of Peace by Fiona Almeleh and Berto Voight

Organic CANDALA of Peace by Fiona Almeleh and Berto Voight

Fiona Almeleh from Capetown, South Africa, has sent in details of the Organic CANDALA of Peace she created with her friends.

“Just connecting while everything is still fresh in our experience of yesterday! It was such a beautiful launch (of The Ascension Times Newspaper) and we had a very special time creating the CANDALA.  My friend Berto Voight and myself brought all the materials and in a space of peace and collaboration allowed the piece to create itself! Seeds, pulses, rice, water, candles, crystals, symbols, flowers and greenery. We used frankincense all over the base as well as a little for ourselves. The atmosphere around us was like crystal clear mountain air.

I opened the launch and spoke about the project lovingly,  consciously creating a connection with you and all the others who were participating. I then invited our wonderful friend Anthea Torr, whose newspaper it is, to light the central candle with a blessing followed by two minutes silence. So special!!

So Lizzie, a part of you and your vision is now anchored energetically at the tip of Africa.”