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Archive for July, 2010

This is an archive of all the Global Circle of Peace news stories posted in July, 2010.

Rallying support at Judy Jones’ coffee morning

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

The Ladies at Judy Jones' Coffee morning

My dear friend and loyal supporter of the project, Judy Jones,  invited twelve of her friends to a coffee morning to help rally support for The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony. It was a dynamic gathering of strong and resourceful women!  I did an hour long presentation which including performing the mime-poem, “Time for Peace on Earth” and everyone joined in.  There was great feedback about the whole project and I came away with names of useful networks and contacts. £70 was raised and a good time had by all. Thank you so much Judy and Teresa Perret for rallying the troops. I can always rely on you both to give hands-on support.

Great news from Northern Ireland!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Great news and brilliant timing! Margaret Gibney, former UNICEF Peace Ambassador and Global Circle of Peace Leading Light, has just called from Belfast to say that she can make it to our Peace Ceremony in Bath on the 21st September.

She is going to read her poem ‘The White Dove’, for which she became internationally renowned as a 12 year old schoolgirl living in The Shankhill area. Her contribution is invaluable in terms of inspiring the youth of the world regarding leadership, personal development and creative potential. I am so looking forward to seeing her again. It has been eleven years since we last met.

Margaret said: “It is an amazing opportunity and privilege to be part of such an important day, particularly as this year’s focus for The International Day of Peace is on youth and development.”

Thank you Margaret for your warm and generous response to our invitation.

Launch night!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010
The guests at the launch of The Bath Peace Ceremony 2010

The guests at the launch of The Bath Peace Ceremony 2010

Over thirty people attended the launch of The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony in The Chairman’s Room at The Guildhall in Bath. Our aim today was to introduce the ‘local-global’ concept to the community and engage support from potential sponsors and contributors. The evening was graciously hosted by Cllr. Sarah Bevan, Madam Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council.

“I feel privileged to have taken part in this growing movement and I would like to endorse wholeheartedly Lizzie’s faith in our local community, in the wider UK community and in the global community….. In short the simplicity of this initiative is such that it can reach out and touch the hearts and minds of everyone, regardless of their outlook in life, their status or their creed. When we meet again on the 21st September, The International Day of Peace, perhaps our own pledge can be ‘Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me’.”

Photo of The Mayor of Bath Cllr. Shaun McGall, Lizzie Davies and Cllr. Sarah Bevan

The Mayor, Cllr. Shaun McGall, Lizzie Davies and Cllr. Sarah Bevan

As well as a short speech and poetry from me, there was a display of the creative work from last year’s ceremony and the opportunity to talk to our team. It was great to see Bel Mooney and such a cross-section of the community at the event.

The Bath Peace Ceremony 21st September 2010

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I am delighted to announce details of The Bath Peace Ceremony 2010. It will be held at Parade Gardens, Bath, UK. It will be opened by Cllr. Sarah Bevan Madam Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council,  and will run from 6:45 – 8.00pm. There will be performances by local artists, school children and a community choir. All are warmly welcomed to join us in this celebration. For more details on what will be happening and guest appearances, please download the official flyer.