Great news from Northern Ireland!

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Great news from Northern Ireland!

Great news and brilliant timing! Margaret Gibney, former UNICEF Peace Ambassador and Global Circle of Peace Leading Light, has just called from Belfast to say that she can make it to our Peace Ceremony in Bath on the 21st September.

She is going to read her poem ‘The White Dove’, for which she became internationally renowned as a 12 year old schoolgirl living in The Shankhill area. Her contribution is invaluable in terms of inspiring the youth of the world regarding leadership, personal development and creative potential. I am so looking forward to seeing her again. It has been eleven years since we last met.

Margaret said: “It is an amazing opportunity and privilege to be part of such an important day, particularly as this year’s focus for The International Day of Peace is on youth and development.”

Thank you Margaret for your warm and generous response to our invitation.