Abundant thanks to the two choirs

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Abundant thanks to the two choirs

The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony was enormously enhanced by the contribution of two local choirs.

'Polyphony' Choir led by Sally Jenkins

'Polyphony' Choir led by Sally Jenkins

Led by Head of Music, Sally Jenkins, Polyphony Choir from The Royal High School, sang our two songs ‘Light a Candle in Your Heart’ and ‘Peacemaker’. Theirs was beautiful rendition, sung with great joy and it was wonderful to see these young girls performing with such dedication.

Thank you so much Sally for your time and effort in organising this, both in terms of the rehearsal and logistics and thank you girls for doing such a brilliant job that we will always remember. Your presence there was especially significant as this year’s UN theme for ‘The International Day of Peace’ was ‘Youth & Development, Peace=Future’. I hope you all will treasure the memory of having taken part in The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony. Many people have remarked on how poignant it was to see and hear you there, and you did us proud. Thank you.

Singing around the CANDALA

Singing around the CANDALA

Led by Candy Verney, Community Choir ‘Singing in The Round’ inspired the audience with the 4 line Dedication which we had commissioned Candy to set to music for audience participation:

Peace in every home and heart
Peace across our land
Peace in every mind and body
Peace in every hand

A simple drone and uplifting melody line allowed everyone to join in wholeheartedly which created a very moving, meditative atmosphere. The group singing built on itself as we stood gathered around the illuminated CANDALA of Peace and then we spontaneously proceeded slowly clockwise around The Circle, walking and singing in unison. It was especially magical under a round full moon with Bath Abbey’s majestic presence watching over us. To Candy, all of the choir, and everyone who was there, a heartfelt thank you for this poignant, unifying experience, which I am sure will stay with us all

Processing around the CANDALA

Processing around the CANDALA

This part of The Ceremony felt, to me, like an ancient communal ritual that was very familiar even though I had never experienced anything quite like it before. We will definitely build on this to create a tradition and to take the idea forward in 2011 and 2012. The whole idea here is to create something which can be replicated by groups and communities around the world. Like all simple things, it seems obvious!


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  1. Verona Bass says:

    Lizzie Davies achieves a space for reflection with a Candala ceremony for Peace which only visionaries can accomplish. Drive and dedication went into achieving this special event near the source of healing spa waters of Bath. On a perfect evening the choreographed event unfolded even as a sunny late afternoon changed into moonlit evening.

    After we had all moved around the lit candala, singing gently, people greeted each other, and drifted away. A friend and I hurried to be able to look down onto the beautiful symmetrical pattern with its lights and Pax bread circles, from the vantage point of the parapet which gives a view into the gardens. It was magical, and seemed especially blessed because of the clear moon.

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