Margaret Gibney becomes a Director

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Margaret Gibney becomes a Director

I am delighted to report that Margaret has agreed to become a Director of The Global Circle of Peace. With her international background in peace and reconciliation, her studies in psychology and hands-on experience within the creative arts and working with young people, she is the ideal person with whom to join forces. For me personally, this is a dream come true as I am passionate about handing on this work to the next generation and it needs someone who has her unique synthesis of life experience, skills and understanding.

It was wonderful to have Margaret to stay in my home and a joy to spend time with her. She is a deep thinker and an exceptionally brave and compassionate young woman – a truly inspirational role model from whom we all can learn. Margaret and I exchanged life stories and talked at length about our shared vision for The Global Circle of Peace and how it can impact usefully on the lives of people – especially our youth. I am going to ask her to write her own News Story about her trip to Bath, the Peace Ceremony and her response to our creative work. Margaret, you lit up many lives during your brief stay and all of us here at The Global Circle of Peace welcome you most warmly into our midst. We are proud to have you on board.


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