Symbolic Peace Offerings

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Symbolic Peace Offerings

Two symbolic peace offerings are the hallmark of our Peace Ceremony:

Tying a turquoise ribbon on a tree
Scattering grains of white rice to symbolize sowing ‘Seeds of Peace’

Turquoise ribbon on Olive Tree

Turquoise ribbon on Olive Tree

The theme of the colour turquoise which some of us wore at The Bath Peace Ceremony  is taken from the words of my mime-poem ‘Time for Peace on Earth’ which opens with the verse:

Tie a turquoise ribbon
On every single tree
Say a little prayer for peace
For our world for you and me

Everyone was invited to scatter grains of white rice, here used as a symbol of spiritual food, prosperity, fertility and primeval innocence. The scattering of rice over the CANDALA of Peace and within The Circle signifies the renewal of our promise and commitment to peace in our own everyday lives and relationships. The invitation was to say an intention or prayer for peace out loud or silently whilst making this symbolic peace offering.

Bowl of 'Seeds of Peace'

Bowl of 'Seeds of Peace'

Thank you Prior Park Garden Centre for loaning us a beautiful olive tree and to Louise Bastow of Alchemy Garden Design for arranging transport.


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