Hello Sweden!

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Hello Sweden!

A fortuitous meeting in London last week, with a dynamic Swedish woman, Maria Baczynski, who was over here to give a singing workshop, led to a lengthy inspirational exchange today. Maria has kindly offered to introduce The Global Circle of Peace to Sweden through her network, especially to her media and choir contacts. There are over 800,00 people who sing in choirs in Sweden so this is fertile ground to get our message out there in a really grounded way. We are talking about my going  over to Stockholm early next year to give a presentation and possibly a CANDALA or mime-poem workshop. Watch this space!

Thank you so much Maria for your generosity of spirit and heart. This feels like the beginning of a wonderful friendship and creative adventure.

Maria Baczynski is the founder of the company Voiceinvestor. She is a mezzosoprano and well known performer as well as a voice and singing teacher. She gives presentations, seminars and custom-made courses in Sweden and abroad. (in Swedish).


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