Margaret Gibney: My Experience of The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Margaret Gibney: My Experience of The 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony

The power that the Global Circle of Peace has to make peace a reality could not have been any more evident at the 2010 Bath Peace Ceremony!  I was moved to see so many people full of enthusiasm come together and give freely of their time and energy to help make the ceremony a success.  The ceremony itself stands out as an inspiring example of the unity, hope, humanity and healing that can emerge from a community coming together so creatively.

As well as being reminded of the reasons why peace and unity are so important, we were also given an experience of peace itself and the journey towards it. I think it was clear to everyone how much the night moved me and I want to say a special thanks to Abdullah for sharing his story.

For me creativity is healing and is a key part of the process towards real peace. I’d like to see more people in communities around the world create opportunities like this to come together and promote peace and already it seems like this will happen.

I was made to feel so welcome by you Lizzie, your friends and the people of Bath.  Thank you all so much for making me feel so at home and touching my life so deeply.  International Peace Day 2010 will be a time I will remember and cherish for life.

Bring on next year, I can’t wait!


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