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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Archive for September, 2011

This is an archive of all the Global Circle of Peace news stories posted in September, 2011.

Practising Peace in the Caribbean

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Time to take stock and listen…Having safely given birth and launched Peace PAX into the world – with the help of some wonderful, dedicated ‘mid-wives’ –  it is time for ‘Mum’ to let go and take a well-earned rest. The practice of Surrender at the right time, in the right way, for the right reason, is key to enable people and projects to grow and flourish. I will be staying in St. Vincent & The Grenadines for four months based with a local family and am going to live life and see what happens!

Celebrating The International Day of Peace – UN Theme: ‘Make Your Voice Heard’

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Bath  Small is beautiful! This year we celebrated with a spontaneous private gathering of Global Circle of Peace family and friends at The Friends Meeting House in York Street. It was heartening to see and hear people of all ages add their inspiration to the celebration of peace.
In response to this year’s theme, our new Leading Light, poet, Martin Powell, performed his two brilliant poems “The Power of Young People’ and ‘Global Warning’. We asked people to bring a treasured object which symbolised Peace and invited them to talk about what it meant to them before placing it in the centre of the Candala of Peace which was partly pre-built. Maria Danishwar-Brown sang ‘Light a Candle ,’ Abdullah Ali-Ahmadi recited the lyrics to ‘Peaeemaker’ and read a poem he had written and we all performed the mime-poem ;Time for Peace on Earth’.

Liverpool – The message of peace could be heard in Liverpool this year as young creatives and social activists celebrated the International Day of Peace and helped launch Peace PAX at the Contemporary Urban Centre. It was inspiring to see such a vibrant group of young people come together to encourage others to make use of their creativity and give voice to a desire for peace.

Musicians Curtis Stone and Paul Nasole’s opened the performance with “Give Peace a Chance’ and local singer Simon Bradley’s gritty voice sent a message that love is peace. Magz shared her experience of Peace PAX and launched it by performing the Time for Peace on Earth mime-poem by Lizzie Davies with Rachael Lissaman beautifully interpreting it through ballet. Nick Blackhall, a local Theatre for Social Change practitioner, wrote and performed a poem especially for the event and facilitated an interactive exercise. This was the highlight of the night with everyone exploring their creativity and meaning of peace in their lives, all of which is very much at the heart of Peace PAX.
Fire Beneath the Sea brought the celebration to an end with a freestyle and interactive rap for peace incorporating The Circle of Peace Dedication. They had everyone on their feet and used symbolic objects of peace brought by audience members as inspiration for their freestyle rap. The event would not have been possible without the generosity, commitment and talent of everyone who was involved and we would like to say a special thanks to John Bridson from Be-Licious Management, photographer Louise Riozzi and the Contemporary Urban Centre for the donation of their time and services to the project

Launch of Peace PAX – a peace offering for our times

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Happy International Day of Peace everyone!  We are proud to announce the launch of Peace PAX on this special day when people are linking around the world in the spirit of unity and peace.

We are celebrating our online launch with two small impromptu Peace Ceremonies  – one in Bath and the other in Liverpool where Magz has rallied her friends. It is our way of sending this innovative work out into the world and of giving people an uplifting experience of peace. May these intimate, simple gatherings inspire people to create their own Peace Practice and Peace Ceremonies and help spread the word about Peace PAX to their family, friends and community.

Martin Powell endorses Peace PAX

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

“Peace PAX is a power shift. It provides us with the tools we need to become change makers in our daily lives and inspires us to engage in a fun way with the all-important principle of being the change we wish to see in our world. This is why I endorse Peace PAX; an organic vehicle for social change to help us cultivate both inner and outer peace, in both inner and outer space.

Performance of The Vincy Vibe Benefit at The Minerva Centre, Bath

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

As an informal run-through for the Benefit I am helping to organise in St. Vincent & The Grenadines next January,  Shirlie and I last night put on an evening to raise funds for CARE-SVG  a not-for-profit organisation working with people living with Aids. Time for Peace on Earth and Peacemaker were a part of the progamme which was very well received. We raised £170 which will pay for school meals for children of parents who have Aids and are unable to work.  Our fund-raising efforts will feed 34 children school meals for a month – a sobering thought!  Our warm thanks to Elizabeth Griffin for free use of The Minerva Centre and to all those who contributed, especially Marusja for creating the beautiful poster.

David Keith endorses Peace PAX

Friday, September 16th, 2011

“Within the inspirational energy of Peace PAX, is a personal and collective invitation to engage in some serious fun as we work towards a global community of peace – one that is more truly reflective of our one world family. All manner of ‘being and doing’ is suggested – there is something for everyone here – to both lighten and nourish heart and mind and to spread unbounded to every part of our world”.

David Keith, Global Circle of Peace Leading Light & founding member of The Peace Foundation Network

Margaret Gibney endorses Peace PAX

Friday, September 16th, 2011

“Peace PAX inspires us to be activists for peace in our world every day. We can search for peace personally and globally feeling powerless and overwhelmed by what seems an unachievable and unrealistic task, yet Peace PAX demonstrates that making peace can be possible, meaningful and fun. My hope is that you come to realise your creativity and ability to be at peace. I whole heartedly endorse Peace PAX. Let it support you to get creative, express yourself, unite with others and be a peacemaker in your world”.

Margaret Gibney, Global Circle of Peace Leading Light & former UNICEF Young Ambassador for Peace

Welcome to Martin Powell – a new Leading Light

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

We are thrilled to have such a gifted, cutting-edge young poet as part of our growing community. Martin is clearly a young man of incisive vision who has the sensitivity, courage and power to inspire and ignite people of all ages. His love for humanity and compassion  for his fellow brothers and sisters is rare and his voice deserves to be heard far and wide.

Martin and I recently spent an inspirational day together sharing our vision for peace, exchanging stories, poetry and information – all part of transcending the age divide and enjoying the shared values of creativity, unity and peace!

Is Small Still Beautiful? – an inspirational lecture by Satish Kumar

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Last night I  went to the EF Schumacher Centeneary Lecture by Satish Kumar held at The Temenos Academy in London. What a treat to hear about Schumacher’s ethos of  integrating economy, ecology and spirituality and the importance of a big mind and heart whilst authentically living out our values in our own locale.

Satish ended the evening by inviting a young poet, Martin Powell, to perform his poem ‘The Power of Young People’. Such was Martin’s depth of vision, passion and charismatic wordsmithery, I invited him to become a Global Circle of Peace Leading Light ion the spot! Martin has an original voice and an important message to share with the world.

Lizze & Margaret make a new video of the mime-poem

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Off at crack of dawn to London for a remake of Time for Peace on Earth. It was lovely to perform some of the mime-poem in Nature with the birds and falling leaves joining in and it was especially moving doing the last part with Magz, since I first took this work to her school, Mount Gilbert Community College in Belfast in 1998, as part of a tree-planting ceremony and series of workshops – all part of Time for Peace, the project which sowed seeds for The Global Circle of Peace. It was a great joy to pass on this work to Magz and to know that she embodies its message and will inspire young people – something that is very dear to my heart.

Big trees from little acorns grow…