Lizze & Margaret make a new video of the mime-poem

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Lizze & Margaret make a new video of the mime-poem

Off at crack of dawn to London for a remake of Time for Peace on Earth. It was lovely to perform some of the mime-poem in Nature with the birds and falling leaves joining in and it was especially moving doing the last part with Magz, since I first took this work to her school, Mount Gilbert Community College in Belfast in 1998, as part of a tree-planting ceremony and series of workshops – all part of Time for Peace, the project which sowed seeds for The Global Circle of Peace. It was a great joy to pass on this work to Magz and to know that she embodies its message and will inspire young people – something that is very dear to my heart.

Big trees from little acorns grow…


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