Help to stage ‘Performance Peace’

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Help to stage ‘Performance Peace’

Help to keep the flame of creativity, unity and peace alive by sharing our vision and helping to spread the word. The Global Circle of Peace is seeking funding to pilot ‘Performance Peace’ in 8 small venues across the UK..

• To devise and perform a unique multimedia performance

• To create a sacred space in small intimate settings

• To share the back-story to The Global Circle of Peace and Peace PAX

• To catalyse a shift in individual and group consciousness

• To inspire self-enquiry and the practice of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace

• To promote and further the wider aims of The Global Circle of Peace and Peace PAX

If you are part of a funding programme or you have suggestions for other funding sources, we would be grateful for your ideas. The script has now been written and details about the project are available on request. Contact: Lizzie Davies


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