Peace Ceremony at Fairfield House, Bath, UK

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Peace Ceremony at Fairfield House, Bath, UK

Last night’s Peace Ceremony at Fairfield House rocked! Thanks to a collaborative effort with The Friends of Haille Silassie and BEMSCA (Bath Ethnic Minority for Senior Citizens Association, there was an unexpected turn-out of between sixty and seventy people.The gathering was drawn from the BEMSCA elders and the Bath & Bristol community.

The rich mix of cultures made for a warm, lively and uplifting atmosphere with a distinctly Caribbean flavour. We were delighted that The Mayor of Bath, Councillor Andrew Furse and Mayoress Mrs. Mei-Ling Chou Furse, Paul Crossley Leader of the Council and  Cllr. Cherry Beath were able to attend.

We all gathered around a  CANDALA of Peace and Shawn Sobers lit a  Candle and recited The Circle of Peace Dedication then he and I  said a few words followed by he Elder Ras Bendele, and Pauline Wallace, Coordinator of BEMSCA. We planted a peace lily in the garden and then all scattered grains of white rice symbolic of our thoughts and prayers for peace.

Poets, musicians, singers. drummers and dancers gave freely of their talent. A big thank you to the band Soul Connection, Talking Tekla, Rob Mitchell. Agatha Nahual and Umer, There was a real buzz. As we parted, it felt like a luxury to be able to look people in the eye with a great big smile and say “See you next year!”.


8 Responses to “Peace Ceremony at Fairfield House, Bath, UK”

  1. Wendy Tobiassen says:

    International Peace the home of Rastafari. Beautiful event.

  2. Andrew Furse Mayor of Bath says:

    A celebration for world peace day. Our thoughts of conflicts around the world – hoping they respect this day and bring peace to their people.

  3. Meeling Furse Mayoress of Bath says:

    Peaceful night.

  4. Helen Hamblin says:

    Thank you from deep in my heart, to Lizzie and all at Fairfield House,, for this evening in the spirit of peace, love & ONENESS.

  5. Kate Amor says:

    Absolutely wonderful, wonderful. Atmosphere, people, the community. I do hope I come again not only for the Peace Ceremony.

  6. Eileen Tucker says:

    Blessings and love to this house and to all the people . Good vibes!

  7. A beautiful interlude and a chance to meet friends and be peaceful.
    Thank you.

  8. Ailsa Hughes says:

    A beautiful energising evening, amazing, empowering words, music and dance.

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