Peace Ceremony at the ASHA Centre, Gloucestershire, UK

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Peace Ceremony at the ASHA Centre, Gloucestershire, UK

We were delighted to be invited to facilitate a Peace Ceremony as part of the Winter Solstice celebrations at the ASHA Centre in The Forest of Dean. It gave us the opportunity to give people an experience of Peace PAX and develop the element of audience interaction in a new way.

The choreography incorporated Silence for Peace, Light a Candle for Peace, the Circle of Peace Dedication, the mime-poem Time for Peace on Earth and a Candala.of Rebirth created to mark, what for many, was an auspicious, historicl occasion.

Everyone was invited to place a lit candle in the earth around the outer circumference of the Candala and to place a sacred white dove feather around the circle as a symbol of their intent for peace in the world.

Over sixty people attended the event and we received wonderful feedback from the gathering which was comprised of people of different ages, cultures and belief-systems.


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