Sharing Peace PAX with peace educators from Europe

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A couple looking proudly at the CANDALA they have made

Sharing Peace PAX with peace educators from Europe

What a rich experience to meet a group of young Peace Educators today and to have the opportunity of presenting our work to them. The invitation came from the ASHA Centre, one of our Associates who has been hosting a week long programme as a part of the European funded Grundtvig Learning Programme.

ASHA and five other organisations have committed to a two year learning partnership, under the Lifelong Learning Programme – European funded by Grundtvig Learning Programme.This project ‘Mainstreaming Peace Education – Approaches, Methodologies and Visions’ aims to develop a coherent transnational approach to peace education as an element in life-long learning, as well as, foster active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, social cohesion in Europe. The project involves six non-governmental organisations.


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