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The Global Circle of Peace was launched as a creative grass roots movement for peace in 2010 and was active as a Company Limited by Guarantee until 2016.

CANDALA of Reconciliation 2 (2001)

The Core Team

Lizzie Davies

Lizzie Davies

Founding Member & former CEO

Lizzie is an artist, writer and performance poet. She is the originator of the CANDALA ® an illuminated artform to light up our world and was founder of Time for Peace, a community arts project which was a recipient of the 1999 Gordon Wilson Peace Award given by The Week of Prayer for World Peace.

She trained in London in screenwriting at The Met Film School and in mime at The Adam Darius School.

“As a cult survivor I was determined to use my experience responsibly,to transcend the past and to promote peace and reconciliation in the world, from a creative and universal perspective”

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partnerships that inspired Lizzie to create
The Global Circle of Peace and Peace PAX.

A black and white portrait photo of Abdullah Ali Ahmadi

Abdullah Ali Ahmadi

Founding Member & Adviser

Born in Kabul Afghanistan, he had to flee his country after the Russian invasion. From 1980 to 1983 Abdullah worked with NGOs in Pakistan providing support to four million Afghan refugees. Since moving to the UK he works as a transformational trainer, facilitator and management consultant.

Over 25 charities, social and commercial organisations have included him as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Director, Adviser or Board member. He is the founder of the charity organisation ‘SARE’ (Support for Afghan Refugees Education).

“Having been affected so deeply by war, for over thirty years, my body and soul want nothing but peace”

June 2010

A black and white portrait photo of Margaret Gibney

Margaret Gibney

Margaret studied Applied Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and works as a professional counselor and Youth Development Worker with disadvantaged young people in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Throughout her youth in Belfast. Margaret was a Young Ambassador for UNICEF and as part of The Wall of Peace Project, met Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street in 1997 and also met with Hillary and Bill Clinton. In the same year she recorded the ‘Alternative Christmas Day Message’ for Channel 4.

“I am a passionate advocate of the creative arts for personal development and social change”

A black and white portrait photo of Oliver Perceval

Oliver Perceval


Oliver is a self-employed architect working in London with a particular interest in the original values of architecture such as geometry, order, harmony and sustainability. He and Lizzie collaborated in 2002 on a joint project, Peace Henge – a circular building dedicated to people of all faiths and none. Whilst Peace Henge has not yet been commissioned, the ideas clearly informed the inspiration of the CANDALA which Lizzie originated and Oliver helped to develop.

A black and white portrait photo of Anna Whatley

Anna Whatley

Anna is Co-founder and Artistic Director of Think Big Theatre based in Newham, East London and Founder of a Community Youth Theatre Project in Malawi. She trained as an actress at The Bridge Theatre Training Company in London where she graduated in 2005 and also has a degree in Drama and Theatre studies from the University of Surrey, Roehampton.

"I believe that nurturing empathy and compassion is the key to the development of well rounded, productive and happy people and communities. The arts are the perfect platform from which to learn new methods of self- expression and communication."
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