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About the CANDALA

The Global Circle of Peace is an organic, creative grass roots movement for peace.

CANDALA of Reconciliation 2 (2001)

What is a CANDALA?

A CANDALA is an illuminated art form to light up our world.

Created as a ‘pattern of light’ made with positive intent, it is designed to symbolise the essence of a particular theme, through the use of symbolic objects and materials. Often based on ‘The Circle’ denoting unity and wholeness, it is crucial that light is used as a symbol of enlightenment – an aspiration that we can all share, whatever our belief system.

The original CANDALAS made by Lizzie Davies were circular and incorporated candlelight and geometric principals.

The concept of the CANDALA has since been expanded to incorporate the use of any form of light such as LED’s, lanterns or light-reflecting materials and to use geometric or organic forms or a synthesis of the two. This allows individuals and groups to experiment with a number of different creative processes and to build CANDALAS in any setting and on any scale that they choose.

The intention is to keep the original inspiration, ethos and integrity of the CANDALA art form whilst making it accessible for the development, enjoyment and benefit of all people.

The Original Inspiration

Lizzie Davies was given the word CANDALA and its essential concept whilst in a deep meditative state in the year 2000 as she was inspired to build a beautiful work of art as a 'visual prayer' dedicated to personal and collective Reconciliation.

This transcendent experience was accompanied by the dictum:

East  -  West
It is time to manifest the light
In the centre of our world

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