Get involved!

The world needs you to help make Peace PAX happen!

You can always choose to do something to raise the global consciousness of peace, however simple or small it might be – even, and sometimes especially, if it is just on your own!

If you want to help build a sense of community, get a small group together of family, friends or work colleagues and choose which aspect/s of Peace PAX you want to focus on.

Get your creative juices going and make Peace PAX your own. Plan a PAX Bread baking session with three generations, hold peace breakfasts, teas, evenings and ceremonies whenever you want. Use the following materials and guidelines to get you started, and then add anything personal to you; your interests, surroundings, town, city or country.

Share, communicate, create, innovate, inspire, meditate, dream, pray, enjoy and have fun!

By circulating and engaging with the following information, you will actively contribute to making Peace PAX – a peace offering for our times, a living reality.

Reproduction of Peace PAX & Attribution of Copyright

Peace PAX is a peace offering open to all. You are welcome to use and reproduce all creative material for non-commercial use. Please ensure that you correctly attribute any work or copyright to those concerned and respect the integrity of the original work. Should you wish to use any of the material commercially please contact

Create your own peace practice, peace ceremony or Time for Peace film

Download and experiment with the material in your own unique way. Peace PAX is designed to fuel your imagination and ignite your creativity. The more you reflect on the work, the more it will become alive.

All Peace PAX materials in one

Download all files

Create your own peace ceremony

Download Guidelines

Silence for Peace, My Universal Dream, Light a Candle for Peace.

Download this practice and these poems

The White Dove

Download this poem

The Circle of Peace Dedication

Download the dedication

Download the dedication sheet music


Download the lyrics to Peacemaker

Download Peacemaker sheet music

Light a Candle in your Heart

Download the sheet music and lyrics

Time for Peace On Earth

Download the words and instructions for this mime-poem

View a performance of this mime—poem

About the CANDALA

Download About the CANDALA

PAX Bread

Download recipes and background information

Plant for Peace

Download guidelines

Decorate your environment

Download these great ideas

Teaching Ideas

Download these ideas for using Peace PAX in teaching

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