Overall vision

The purpose of The Global Circle of Peace is to serve humanity by raising the global consciousness of peace.

CANDALA by Oliver & Sarah Perceval
To our children &
our children's children

Our aims are to:


    • To inspire self-empowerment and personal responsibility
    • To create and model a flexible blueprint for universal peace ceremonies
    • To advocate simple ways for people to contribute to peace every day and on significant occasions such as The International Day of Peace (21st September)
    • To provide opportunities for inter-generational communication
    • To engage people of all faiths and none
    • To catalyse a creative culture of peace
    • To enhance global participation in The International Day of Peace – a day of global ceasefire and non-violence designated by the United Nations

At the heart of our Global Peace Ceremony is the invitation to the people of the world to join together by lighting a Candle for Peace dedicated to:

Peace in every home and heart
Peace across our land
Peace in every mind and body
Peace in every hand

followed by a 2 minute Silence for Peace.
PAX Bread

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