Artistic provenance

The Global Circle of Peace has its roots in a number of projects and collaborative partnerships.

The peace scroll

The Creative Journey

The Global Circle of Peace has its roots in a number of projects and collaborative partnerships.


Lizzie gave birth to the original idea of the CANDALA in 2000 and went on to found The CANDALA Project in 2008.

A fundamental part of the CANDALA Project is its focus on promoting 12 Illuminating Values; four of which are Love, Compassion, Reconciliation and Peace. It was responsible for experimenting with the idea of global participation using the CANDALA on a particular day (the first being 21st September, The International Day of Peace 2004, with 6 groups taking part – one each in Australia and America, and four in the UK).

Time for Peace

An interactive arts project of which Lizzie was Founder/Creative Director (1997-2000). She designed it as a contemplative work, consisting of several elements, to raise human consciousness. It was launched in Cheltenham Gloucestershire in September 1997 and was a recipient of the 1999 Gordon Wilson Peace Award given by The Week of Prayer for World Peace.

The focus of Lizzie’s work

Lizzie Davies is passionate about using the arts to inspire, touch and uplift people. Her work focuses on using the universal language of different art forms to transcend our differences. These are used singly or in various permutations and include the use of silence, light, The Circle, art, (primarily the CANDALA), symbols, ceremony, the creation of sacred space, music, song, mime and the written and spoken word. The following cross-section of work illustrates her way of working and how she actively involves the local and global community.


  • Time for Peace was designed to promote the presence of peace around the world through the practice of a daily 2-minute silence with a communal candlelit silence at 8 p.m. on World Peace Day
  • At Lizzie’s instigation, Chair of Stroud Council in Gloucestershire Cllr. Margaret Nolder, inspired The Council to begin their meetings with 2 minutes silence (1998)


The written word

  • The experience of launching the 1st Global Candala was documented by Lizzie Davies for the book ‘Make a Difference in Just One Day – Practical Peace Diaries from Around the World with a Foreword by Jeremy Gilley.
  • The Peace Scroll (part of Time for Peace1999/2000) A collaboration with the master calligrapher, the late Dom. Simon Trafford of Ampleforth Abbey, Copies were circulated around the world and the original was signed by then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Mo Mowlam MP, Jeremy Gilley and local civic dignitaries in Bath
  • Peacemaker (1998/1999 Lizzie wrote the lyrics to ‘Peacemaker’ to encapsulate her vision of creating inner and outer peace. Music by Shirlie Roden. The song was used extensively in schools and at numerous events as a part of Time for Peace and continues to be performed by Shirlie today at her concerts.


  • The Time for Peace Candle (June 1998)
    Abbot Francis of Prinknash Abbey gifted a candle inscribed with the Time for Peace logo and wrote a blessing for it prior to it being taken to Belfast by a small Time for Peace delegation (Cllr. Margaret Nolder, Chair of Stroud Council. the Chair of Churches Together, Lizzie Davies and Shirlie Roden. They took The Candle to The Mount Gilbert Community College where they co-facilitated a tree-planting ceremony with included the mime-poem and two songs. It was attended by schoolchildren, teachers, Trustees and members of the local community.
  • Candle of Reconciliation
    On 9 December 2000, Lizzie Davies was inspired to create the Candle of Reconciliation for use at Time for Peace public events and which could also be ‘lit’ online. In consultation with colleagues, the following dedication was written:To the healing of the past
    The unity of the present moment
    And the lighting of the way, in faith and hope, for future generations
    May forgiveness touch our hearts
    Let peace fill our world
  • Candlelit Peace Vigils (1998-2003)
    1st January 1998– The Promenade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.1999– Time for Peace Concert Celebration at Gloucester Cathedral2001, 2002 & 2003 – The Circus, Bath, Somerset

    2nd February (Candlemas) 1998, 1999 & 2000 – St. Peter’s Grange, Prinknash Abbey, Cranham, Gloucestershire.

Creating Sacred Space

  • Peace Henge (2002 – 2004) A collaborative project with architect Oliver Perceval to create a circular building with 12 ‘Pillar of Light’ designs as a sacred space for use by people of all faiths and none. The project was unrealized in terms of being built but the concept and design received an endorsement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • Totem 2000 (1998 – 2000) Development of a concept for a circular installation of 12 decorated Totems each of which symbolized a universal value (including Love, Compassion, Reconciliation and Peace) and which corresponded to its own song. (Lyrics: Lizzie Davies, Music: Shirlie Roden) The project, as a whole was unrealised but was crucial in informing future work.
  • A Still Place (1999) A meditative space commissioned by Edward Gillespie, Director of Cheltenham Racecourse. Concept by Lizzie Davies based on the Time for Peace logo. James Crombie (woodcarver and Project Manager), Marty Flood (Theatre Designer), Tony Morris (Landscape Gardener) and David Phipps (Buildings Manager).


  • Time for Peace Concert Celebration 1st January 1999 at Gloucester Cathedral incorporated the 2 minute candlelit silence, the mime-poem and two songs already mentioned. The event provided a show case for young local talent and involved a procession of civic dignitaries and community leaders including Abbot Francis. It was opened by Belfast schoolgirl, poet and peace campaigner Margaret Gibney. Concept + Event Director/Performer: Lizzie Davies, Artistic Director: Sheila Mander.

Inspiration for The Global Circle of Peace

In July 2009, Lizzie was inspired to create a Peace Ceremony to mark The International Day of Peace using the CANDALA as a focus. In developing this idea, she incorporated some of the creative material from her previous project ‘Time for Peace’, added new ideas and encapsulated her vision in a poem ‘My Universal Dream’. It was this organic process and fusion of past and present inspiration which led to the concept of a global peace movement being created as an interactive multimedia work of art. The Ceremony took place at The Roman Baths and was opened by The Vice Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council, Cllr. Sarah Bevan. The small event of just over 20 people was attended by civic dignitaries, local community leaders and a cross section of the public.
After The 2009 Bath Peace Ceremony Lizzie was advised by her Business Mentor, Abdullah Ali-Ahmadi, who attended the event, to create a new separate entity for the global peace work. This led directly to the creation of The Global Circle of Peace with Abdullah becoming a Founding Member.

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