The Acorn

The Symbol of the launch of Peace PAX

The CANDALA of peace

The idea of using The Acorn to symbolise the launch of Peace PAX arose spontaneously just weeks before the launch date (21stSeptember- The International Day of Peace 2011) when, on reflecting about its potential growth and future, I recalled the saying, ‘Big trees from little acorns grow’ from my childhood. These words were inscribed in gold on a beautiful, small, green leather money-box my mother gave me when I was a little girl and I held them dear, even then, as I knew that they were true and had meaning.
Prompted by this inspirational memory, I researched the symbolism of The Acorn and discovered that it can be seen to signify the sacred marriage between The Feminine and The Masculine. The following definition also sheds light on its meaning:

“The symbolism of the acorn is linked with that of the EGG – plenty, prosperity, fruitfulness…Protruding from its rough-grained cup, it symbolizes birth, emergence from the mother’s womb…. On a spiritual plane, and within a religious context the acorn symbolizes the power of the spirit and the wholesome virtues of truth, which flows from two sources – natural and revealed.”
Taken from ‘The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols’ by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant. Translated by John Buchanan–Brown

I can think of no better symbol than The Acorn to accompany Peace PAX as it goes out into the world as a ‘peace offering for our times’. May it grow and flourish like the mighty oak.

Lizzie Davies, September 2011


Peace PAX is the distillation of Lizzie Davies’ reflection, creative practice and peace-work over seventeen years during which time she initiated three projects and worked with a wide range of individuals and groups in the community.


Lizzie’s work and life have been greatly influenced by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, and his thinking on the collective unconscious, universal archetypes and Active Imagination. Lizzie underwent Jungian analysis in the early 80’s and also studied dream analysis with the pioneering Jungian, Dr.Winifred Rushforth OBE.

Peace PAX reflects creative partnerships with Caroline Dewison, Margaret Gibney, Sam Goldsmith, Dick Foster, Glynis Hull, Orlando Murrin, Shirlie Roden, Peter J. Stone, Candy Verney and Dan Dineen and Justin Owen of Karyx Interactive Design.

Peace PAX is the fruition of a communal endeavour and has been shaped through the generous support, contribution and participation of many people.

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